Thanks for your interests in commissioning original works made just for you.

A typical commission goes through several phrases. Please read through the following sections to learn more about the process.


1. Intro

Please send an email to with all the details of what you would like included in your commission. Please provide as much detail as possible. It would be helpful if you could let me know what you like about my previous works and which artworks you are particularly drawn to.

We will discuss your requirements, expected timeline, and any other preferences you may have. Based on these requirements, I will provide you with a quote based on the complexity of the project. Please note that I cannot provide a fixed quote until I have a clear understanding of what you want. However, as a rough estimate, I typically price my work based on the time it takes to produce it.

Once we have finalized the details, including the price and schedule, I will send you a link to the Stripe checkout page where you can make the initial payment.

Example requirements that are always helpful:

  • Size of the work. Please specify if you plan to print the work at photo size or if you need it to cover an entire wall. Additionally, let me know if you plan to only post it on Instagram.
  • Subject matter. Please provide details on who or what you would like to see in the work. If there is a specific person you want to include, please send me a clear photo of them, preferably a close-up of their face.
  • Context. Let me know if you are looking for a portrait or a full-body shot. Additionally, if you have any specific pose in mind or if there is a particular time period the work should be set in (e.g., historical, contemporary, sci-fi).
  • Style. Please describe the stylistic qualities you would like for the image. For example, if you prefer a painting, drawing, photorealistic, or photographic style. Examples:
    • Painting, e.g. oil on canvas.
    • Drawing, e.g. pencil drawing.
    • Illustration, e.g. anime and 3D rendering.
    • Photorealistic. As detailed as a photograph, but is clearly painted.
    • Photography. Looks like it‘s taken by a camera.
    • Photographic vs Photorealistic. There is a subtle difference between the two. It’d be very helpful if you visit this post and tell me the model you prefer. Of course, we can explore options also, but knowing the style that you desire will make this process a lot smoother. We can still render in different styles, such as oil on canvas, and is not listed here. Soon I will make a page with a lot more different styles.
  • Reference images. If there are any specific images that you like and would like to use as references, please attach them to the email. For instance, if you found a photo on the internet that you like but want your face on it, or if there is a particular style or body type from my previous works that you would like to replicate.
  • More info is always better. Don’t hesitate to provide as much information as possible. It is essential for me to have a clear understanding of your vision in order to deliver the desired outcome.
  • Backstory. Besides describing the image, it would be incredibly helpful if you could tell me why you’re interested in commissioning this work. For example, is it a gift for someone? Is it for a special occasion? Is it for a personal project? Is it for a business? The more I know about the context, the better I can tailor the work to your needs.
  • Dreams. Often, individuals seek out commissioned works to bring their fantasies to life. If this is the case for you, please feel free to share the details of your fantasy. I have an open-minded approach to life and believe in exploring a wide range of experiences in order to form objective opinions. I strive to maintain a broad personal repertoire, so if you describe something that I haven't yet encountered, I would genuinely appreciate learning more about it, as it may inspire me to explore it myself in the future.
  • Quantity. Let me know how many images you would like me to produce. If this is our first time working together, I recommend starting with one image first. If you are satisfied with the result, we can discuss creating more images later on.

2. Down Payment

To initiate the project, please make a down payment of 50% of the agreed price. Once I receive the payment, I will begin working on your project.

Pay for Commission

3. Exchange

If the project is relatively straightforward, we can proceed directly to step 4. However, for highly complex projects, I may need to send you some initial sketches for your approval before I begin working on the final piece. This is to ensure that I capture your vision accurately and meet your expectations.

4. Final Payment

Once the final work is completed, you will be required to submit the remaining 50% of the agreed price. In return, I will provide you with the final artwork, free of any watermarks, in the highest resolution possible. Typically, this resolution will be 3072x3072 or higher, depending on your specific requirements.

Pay for Commission

For commission works, please note that I retain the copyright to the images. While I create these works for you to use as you please for non-commercial purposes, they cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as reselling. If you are interested in discussing commercial use, please let me know, and I can provide you with a separate quote.

Unless you give me explicit permission to do so, I will not publish these commissioned works on my website or social media platforms. Additionally, I will not use these works for any other purpose beyond what we have agreed upon. Rest assured that your commissioned work will remain private and exclusive to your use, as per our agreement.