by GymDreams

Some of you really want to know who I am. Many have asked if I live in a place that doesn’t tolerate homosexuality. Or perhaps I must be closeted?

It’s none of that.

I am an openly gay man. I have been out to everyone since I was a teenager.

My life is an open book. In my real life, I am a very public person. I share everything about me that there is to know. You can easily find out what I like, where I live, who I have dated in my entire lifetime. You can probably find out about what I did 20 years ago just by looking up my name.

But you see, this identity is different. I use it to express my inner thoughts and personal history that no one knew before.

By turning these ideas into visuals, it has helped me reconcile with a part of me that has been guarded for a lifetime.

The unfortunate thing is that if my IRL identity was associated with these works, I could lose my career over it — mostly because of the bigotry and dogma from the world at large — something I cannot control.

So I hope that you wouldn’t get too upset that I don’t want to share that info.

I want to continue to post these works because it has helped me understand myself better, and resolve some deep feelings that I simply couldn’t resolve until now.

I am doing it for me, and I hope that you could respect that. Thank you.


Anonymous. Originally published on social media.
Anonymous. Originally published on social media.