Creators on Civitai

by GymDreams
Thank you.
Creators on Civitai. Thank you.
Creators on Civitai. Thank you.

Open source development comes with its own set of challenges. Checkpoint creators and LoRA makers tirelessly upload their works onto Civitai, yet they often receive little appreciation from the end users who rely on their creations.

I understand this firsthand. As a core team member of a popular framework used by thousands of developers, our project has received fewer than 10 donations over nearly a decade of existence.

Many of the works I create using Stable Diffusion would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the creators behind the checkpoints and LoRAs. That’s why I always make an effort to show my appreciation, whether through personal messages or donations.

Contrary to what many users might assume, creators don’t receive “too many messages” as some overwhelming assumption held by end users of open source projects. Trust me, a simple “thank you” goes a very long way. I urge you to consider sending them a note of gratitude, sharing their works, giving a positive review, or making a small donation to encourage them. It will make their day!

Gay AI Art

Here is a list of creators who had created checkpoint models that I depend many of my works on — without them I would not be able to make most of my artworks with AI.


Scratchproof is the creator of several popular checkpoint models with the Virile Prefix.


Airfuck is the creator of several popular checkpoint models with the Airfuck prefix.