Don’t Give Up - RFI - Request for Information

by GymDreams
Submit information about Instagram

I have started the process to fight for equal representations for gay artworks and gay artists on social media platforms such as Instagram. In order to build my case, I need your help!

Please submit evidence to help with this fight. I am in the process of working with lawyers at the moment. To do this effectively, having representative examples will go a very long way to make it an effective case.

Your submitted evidence will not be used for other purposes. If you permit me to use your artwork to talk about the issue, please say so in the form, and I may include them in a future blog post to bring more awareness.

If you provide contact information, I will reach out to you separately if we think that it will be helpful to be used in any part of legal proceedings.

Thank you!

If you want to write to me directly:

My goal is to avoid litigation as much as possible. My goal is to work out a moderation policy with you that will satisfy the needs for Meta and Instagram to function as a business, meet the goals of your shareholders and investors, while meeting the goals of gay artists. I believe that there is a solution that will satisfy the requirements for all parties involved.

Don’t Give Up

Artworks, Gay Artists, and Content Moderation Policies at Instagram.