I πŸ₯© U

by GymDreams
For Steve Marais. Because.
I πŸ₯© U, for Steve Marais. Because.

A while ago, I wrote a tweet about human relationships with some emojis. A friend and a talented gay photographer, Steve Marais (IG: @stevemarais), saw that, and we had a chat about it.

In that long tweet, I used the emoji πŸ₯© to mean something significant (the main dish, aka the meat).

He told me that whenever he would use the emoji ❀️, he would write πŸ₯© instead. I thought that it would be funny to adapt to this idea and make a tshirt for β€œI πŸ₯© U”. Hence the render.

Too confusing? These are very random things that I do. I can’t explain it. Just go with the flow, and ask why not?!

  • πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ: Vibrant Horizon Turbo XL
  • πŸ₯©: Vibrant Horizon Turbo XL
  • Comp: Photoshop

Hyper turbo render. 2.5 CFG. 8 steps.