The Fall of Man 3, after Titian, c.1550

by GymDreams
Stable Diffusion with Virile Fantasy
The Fall of Man 3, after Titian, c.1550. Stable Diffusion with Virile Fantasy.
The Fall of Man 3, after Titian, c.1550. Stable Diffusion with Virile Fantasy.

This series of paintings are based on “The Fall of Man,” a painting about the story of Adam and Eve by the Venetian artist Titian, circa 1550, that’s currently in Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Some magical elements had appeared in this third set of one. The tree has evolved into a man — a tree god? The hands of the man in the middle has turned into branches. There are lots of elements at work here.

Scratchproof made this checkpoint model (Virile Fantasy) originally for fantasy art, hence why it is so responsive to oil painting techniques. I didn’t intend this to be fantasy art, but since I didn’t intentionally neg-prompt the fantasy art style, there will be some elements of it within the mix.

Here’s a list of artists and styles that I did include: Titian (Italian painter, c.1488/90), Raphael (Italian painter, b.1520), Annibale Carracci (Italian painter, b.1560), trompe-l'œil (artistic term for the highly realistic optical illusion of three-dimensional space and objects on a two-dimensional surface). So none of the fantasy things are in the prompt.

When you mix fantasy and nature together, often times, even without prompting, you get depiction of scenes that are pure magick, and as such, even though the scene itself may have come from something of a different origin, it will evolve on its own.

Originally, I was planning to put this painting with another one to make a set, but the composition and themes are relatively different, so I will post a fourth set of one after this.


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