Construction Harness

by GymDreams
Custom LoRA - gdmjley, harness
Construction Harness

“Awesome if true,” a friend said to me, when I showed him these works from the Construction series.

“These are depictions of real life, if you know these men the way I do.” I said. I’m fairly certain that he doesn’t believe me, but I’m also sure that most people haven’t experienced life the same way I do.

I talk to lots of people. I see many things. There is an advantage when you’re able to explore the world without being visibly remarkable. It allows you to be an excellent observer.

This image was rendered as a photorealistic painting in Stable Diffusion, an open source AI engine that I prefer, using the Automatic1111 user interface. It’s made with the txt2img module with the SDXL checkpoint model, together with two custom LoRAs trained by @BrawnyAI — a friend I’ve met during my AI journey that has become one of my best friends in real life.

The two custom LoRAs are:

  • gdmjley - trained for style using previous renders from my construction series, featuring men with tattoos working at a dusty construction site.
  • harness - trained for the safety harness seen typically in construction sites and other less fashionable places.