Sneakers Diagrams

by GymDreams
Stable Diffusion with SDXL

Infographic Series

Information design, data visualization, diagrams, visual explanations, reference charts, and more. Part of what I do professionally is making information designs for businesses — translation complex business concepts into visually appealing and easy to understand diagrams. I have a personal and professional interest in this visual language, and I try to make some with male figures as the subject matter.

I love sneakers. Made this for the infographic series. The full realization is in the Rugby Diagram.

Sneakers Diagram. Stable Diffusion with SDXL.
Sneakers Diagram. Stable Diffusion with SDXL.


Stable Diffusion txt2img with SDXL, with Replicate.

  • width: 1024
  • height: 1024
  • refine: expert_ensemble_refiner
  • scheduler: Euler
  • refine_steps: 10
  • guidance_scale: 7.5
  • high_noise_frac: 0.8
  • num_inference_steps: 40