Warriors at the Beach

by GymDreams
Midjourney v5.

These are some of the earliest paintings I have done with a male focus in Midjourney, in April 2023. Before this, I have had extensive experience using Midjourney already (starting from MJ v3), but mostly using it as a stock photo and illustration engine.

I never thought to use it to make gay AI art, but randomly fell into it after some late-night prompting of “what if”s. I was hooked instantly — and it’s from this that I made the GymDreams8 identity. The rest is history.


Many of these paintings feature couples in different age groups — something that’s actually very hard to do in Midjourney, which doesn’t have advanced controls like Regional Prompter in Stable Diffusion.

To ensure that couples won’t look the same, I used a technique called “archetype prompting”. The actual technique is quite involved even though it’s extremely useful. If you do use Midjourney, search for it by name on the MJ Discord server. Read through their FAQs. It has lots of good stuff that’s not avaialble in the official docs.

I will write a guide about it, but it will take some time. Stay tuned.

Text prompts in Midjourney v5.