Zeus and Apollo

by GymDreams
Relationship between an older and younger man.

These are some of the earliest AI generations of men that I’ve done. This particular subject matter — Zeus and Apollo — is what got me started exploring what could be really done with AI a lot further. By chance, I tried some prompts with paintings by different artists, and was really surprised by the results. Before that, I mainly used Midjourney as a stock photography engine, never thought of making paintings and drawings from them.

Many paintings created this way has a very strong color cast that I can’t fix very easily. The forms and compositions are still very nice, so I usually convert them to black and white, especially if you look at the one in the middle (2).

These were made just a few months ago, even though I’ve used Midjourney for a lot longer than that. Looking back, I’m really glad that I have discovered this as it has opened a lot of doors for me, allowed me to express visual ideas that have been stuck in my head for a life time, and it had helped me with doing synthography in my professional work also.

Text prompt in Midjourney v5.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3