Roman Baths 11 Skylight

by GymDreams
Stable Diffusion, Virile Fantasy
Roman Baths 11 Skylight

Roman bathhouses were architectural marvels, often featuring high vaulted ceilings, massive columns, and extensive use of marble and mosaics.

They were designed to maximize natural light through large windows and skylights, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

The hypocaust system, an innovative heating method, was used to heat the floors and walls, ensuring a consistent and luxurious temperature.

I have made a large series of these paintings with AI — all of them using a source image I made in Midjourney, then reimagined using OpenPose in Stable Diffusion to change everything else.

You can see the magic of how things are done in OpenPose in this image set.

If you use Adobe Photoshop, you would note that some type of structural transfer were recently placed into Photoshop, and you’d be right. But this technology has been available inide Stable Diffusion since May 2023, which is more than a year ago.

Some doubters of Stable Diffusion would often tell me “but I could do this in (insert app here) also” and failed to recognize this simple fact — you have been able to do a lot of these in open source programs for a long time. You just didn’t know about it because you refused to use it because “the UI is ugly.”

Don’t wait for commercial implementations to be available to try things when you can experiment right now.

Roman Baths Series 11
Rendered with Stable Diffusion
Virile Fantasy