Roman Baths 10 Skylight

by GymDreams
Stable Diffusion, Airfuck’s Wild Mix
Roman Baths 10 Skylight

Ancient Roman bathhouses, known as thermae, were an integral part of Roman culture and daily life.

Bathing was not just about personal hygiene, but also a social activity for Romans of all classes to relax, exercise, and socialize.

Bathhouses served as public meeting places and centers of leisure where people would gather to gossip, discuss politics, do business, and more.

They were seen as a symbol of “Romanitas” — a way to define themselves as part of Roman civilization and culture.

I have not previously posted these because there were issues. I have always loved this image. If you didn’t zoom too far, you wouldn’t see them. I intend to have this painter by an artist in the future, then they would be able to fix all the details when completed.

My AI works are mainly intended as concepts — it’s a way to sketch. If you’re familiar with working with artists and designers in your workflow, then you’d know that it’s fairly hard to describe everything in text. It’s far more efficient to create ideas visually. In the old days, we would use mood boards and quick comps. The AI technology solved this issue by allowing ideas to be visualized much more quickly.

Roman Baths Series 10
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