Roman Baths

by GymDreams
Stable Diffusion with SDXL

I have been making a series of oil paintings based on the baths typically seen in the Roman era. Although I called this series Roman Baths, it does not refer to the Roman Baths in the UK — rather, as a general terms for Thermae, which are ancient Roman bath complexes that served as social and recreational spaces for bathing, relaxation, and socializing.

I’m aware that they used Sudarium in ancient Rome — which are small pieces of cloth used for wiping the face or covering the head. Presenting historically accurate depiction on social media can be challenging, so I opted for large towels, even though they were not technically invented until the 17th century.

I will be posting this series gradually over time as I work on them.

I used DPM++ 2S a Karras as the sampler because after using an X/Y/Z plot, determined that it gives the best results with the settings and prompts.

Stable Diffusion img2img from an MJ render with 0.8 Denoise (removing almost everything except the men in the foreground). SDXL, DPM++ 2S a Karras, 50 steps, Automatic1111 v1.6.0, Topaz Gigapixel Standard 4x, Adobe Lightroom, 6144 x 6144. The main three figures in the foreground were pose-controlled using an OpenPose control net with an image rendered Midjourney v5 in March, 2023, with an image that was never published. The SDXL render was rendered in October 2023.